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Posted Jul 1, 2019

What is the Valley Youth Soccer Association (VYSA)?

            VYSA is a recreational soccer program for the youth of our Valley Communities. VYSA is a member of District 16 of the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA). EPYSA is a member of the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA).    

What other communities are in District 5?

            District 5 includes clubs in Troy, Towanda, NorthEast Bradford, Wyalusing, Athens Soccer Academy, and the VYSA.

Where can I find more information about VYSA, EPYSA and USYSA?

            These all have websites:

Who runs VYSA?

            The VYSA is run by volunteers like you. This organization annually serves between 400-500 children in our communities. We need all the help we can get to make this the best it can be for you and your children. We have so many great individuals who have fantastic ideas but without the commitment of everyone we cannot bring these great ideas to fruition. In these busy times all of us have multiple commitments and time constraints but if everyone could offer help at least once during the season it would make the season much better for all of the children.

Who can take part in VYSA?

            Our program is available to children between the ages of 3 -14 in Athens, Sayre and Waverly School Districts. If you have a special request or circumstances and live outside of these school district please send an e-mail or call a board member.

How do I contact if I wish to discuss any issues?

            Current board members are listed on the webpage with their contact information. The fastest and easiest way to contact is by sending an e-mail to All concerns should be taken through proper channels.

Who do I contact if I wish to discuss any issues?

            You should first discuss any issue with your child’s coach. If still not satisfied, the Age Group Coordinator (AGC) should be the second person you contact. If the situation remains unresolved following those steps, you should plan to attend the next scheduled VYSA meeting. If the situation requires immediate attention, you may contact any VYSA board member.

Why are fundraisers necessary?

            The registration fee does not cover all VYSA expenses such as EPYSA league fees, organization insurance, property insurance & mortgage, field maintenance, referee fees, goals, etc.

Can I request a specific coach or team for my son/daughter?

            No – team/coach requests will not be honored. Exceptions will be considered for medical conditions only.

Can I request my child be on same team as his/her friend?

            No – due to the number of children involved with the VYSA program.

How are teams chosen?

            Each age group has an appointed Age Group Coordinator (AGC) who thru a draft process oversees team selection. Each coach is permitted 2 reserves (their own child and one additional child which is typically the asst. coach’s child). The unreserved names are placed in the draft.

Are the teams co-ed?

            U4 thru U10 teams are co-ed. At U12 level there is a split for boys and girls however if requested at time of registration, girls are permitted to play on a boys team for all age levels.

This is my child’s first year playing.

            Can he/she be placed on a team with other less experienced players.

The Valley Youth Soccer Organization is a recreational league with a goal to provide each participant with equal playing time. Each team consists of experienced and non-experienced players so that each team should be at equal talent.

Who decides if a game is cancelled?

            The game referee or the soccer organization president for the game location is the only persons permitted to cancel a game. Your coach will be the first person notified and it is the coach’s responsibility to contact team members. However, for the U4 thru U8 divisions, the team coaches may cancel and reschedule games accordingly.

What equipment does my child need to play?

            Shin guards are the only required safety gear for all players regardless of age. Jewelry and zipper/snap clothing is prohibited. Soccer spikes/cleats are not a requirement and many younger children maintain better balance in their own sneakers. Baseball spikes may be used provided the front cleat is removed.

My child wants soccer cleats however I can’t afford a new pair.

            The VYSA runs a “swap shop” where donated soccer cleats (indoor and outdoor), shin guards, and clothing is available free. You do not need to have equipment to exchange however this is encouraged.

When will my son/daughter be notified what team they are on?

            The drafts occur in The beginning of August, once the age group has enough coaches secured. Each coach will then notify his/her team members. So it is possible for your child’s friend to be notified what team they are on before your child is notified. All players should be notified by mid August.

When do practices begin?

            Practices are permitted to begin on August 1. The actual practice start date is decided by your child’s coach. Typically, the younger age groups do not begin practice until late August.

When do games begin?

            U10 and older games begin the weekend prior to Labor Day. The younger age groups are not scheduled to begin until the weekend after Labor Day however the coaches may choose to begin their games sooner.

How long is the fall soccer season?

            The season ends on the last weekend in Oct. for all children. However, the younger age groups (U-4 to U-8) often will not play that last weekend or will reschedule this game for earlier in the week because the Valley Halloween Parade is usually on this Sat. morning. How this is handled is up to the individual coaches and age group coordinators.

My child seems very small compared to other team members.

            How are age groups determined?

            The age groups are decided at a district level and consist of U4, U5, U6, U8, U10, U12, U15. The U means "under" so each child must have an age number less that the number portion on December 31st.   No child may play down an age group but may be considered to play up after a note has been sent to the board for review

What day will my child/children’s game be on?

            Young children, U-8 and below play on Saturdays. U10, U12 and U15 games are played on Sunday afternoons. These are general rules. There are occasions where games may be changed. Tournament weekends are the biggest exception to this rule.

Are all games played at the VYSA fields?

            Starting at the U12 level, VYSA schedules games with outlying soccer organizations. Some of these games will be played at the opponent field. The schedule is done by an impartial party who has no young children in any of the district’s youth programs. An attempt is made to equalize travel so no team travels a lot more than any other. However with the number of teams being scheduled and field space being shared, it is possible that your team may travel twice and another team only once.

What day/days will my child have practice?

            Practices are set up by each individual coach. The number per week, where and when they practice is set up by the individual coaches. The only way to assure that you will have a say in this is to volunteer to coach. All of our coaches are volunteers that have put time aside to work with your child. If you feel they are struggling to keep up with all of the required tasks, please ask them what you can do to help them.

Will my child's team have a tournament this year?

            Every year the district attempts to have a tournament for each age group U-10 and up. This is a very time consuming and costly effort for the club running them. If we do not have enough people to help with these, we have to cancel them. There is always a very strong sense of competition at these tournaments and without enough volunteers to help with preparation and running of each tournament many difficult situations can arise.

Where will the tournaments be held?

            This is discussed at the district level with each of the district clubs being offered at least one of the tournaments. The place of the tournament will be announced at the beginning of the season. It will be in your full season schedule.

Why can’t my child’s name be put on his/her shirt?

            EPYSA KidSafe Program is the reason behind this regulation. Read the KidSafe brochure found on our website to find out more information regarding child predators and their habits. A name on a shirt is an easy way for that child to be lured. Our goal with VYSA kids is to keep them as safe as possible! You may feel you watch your child closely, however this is not the case for all 400+ children involved with our program – therefore the rule must be enforced to protect all of our children.

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