Valley Youth SA

Field Maintenance Update
We have purchased a new zero turn mower with the great support of Rovendale who went above and beyond to make this amazing piece of machinery affordable to our organization!

Our Field maintenance committee is working tirelessly to get ready for the upcoming season and could definitely use assistance if anybody has some free time throughout the summer!

Some things we could use are the following: If you have questions about any of these jobs you can contact Kevin(724-759-8627) to gather more info

--Weeding the garden beds
--Brushog surrounding areas (Big tractor is in garage, contact kevin if comfortable using)
--Weedwacking(We do have one in the the garage, just contact one of the board members to gain access)
--Spray certain areas with Weed Killer (also have some in the shed and we can get more if needed)
--Addition of beds around the field sponsorships are something we would like to add
--removal of brush that we have begun to remove along the parking lot edge
--We still have a lot of lumber down behind the big garage if anybody is looking for firewood(Please don't leave a mess and we are not liable for any removal of the timber)
--move goals all the way to the far end of the facility, furthest from the entrance
--Fix one of our field sponsor signs that was snapped by mother nature